Let's Talk About Sex

With Melanie Kelly, Thursdays at 21:00, REPEATED SATURDAY 23:00-24:00

LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX is a brand new radio talk show and will air every Thursday at 7pm on XFM 100.2 . As the title itself suggests the weekly conversation will be somewhat controversial to say the least as it will deal with sex, relationships and anything in between.

The idea for this risque’ talk show stemmed from the seemingly lack of information about this subject on the local media. Therefore XFM 100.2, being the innovative and experimental station , grabbed the bull by the horns and decided to launch a talk show like no other. Let’s talk about sex promises to be informative yet sexy, surely attracting curious listeners of all ages.

The missing link for XFM 100.2 was to find a host willing to push boundaries and ask the questions no one would dare to... and who better than the vibrant Melanie Kelly with her outgoing attitude and tongue in cheek persona who does not shy away from the topic being discussed?

Melanie Kelly was the obvious choice, a well known TV presenter and producer, having 11 years experience on the local media scene with her ‘say it as it is’ attitude!

So what exactly will happen during the show?

Every week Melanie will have sexperts and/ or guests in the studio who will share their knowledge and shed light on hot issues and topics such as BDSM, monogamy and infidelity , love, orgasms and desire, amongst others – all topics which most Maltese people would consider as taboo.

As an added perk XFM will also be launching this talk show on their facebook page LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX on XFM 100.2 with Melanie Kelly where filmed studio snippets of the talk show will be uploaded for those who missed the radio show to be able to follow!

LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX on XFM 100.2 starts on the 12th of April @ 7pm and will air every Thursday.

Tune in... you know you want to! MBR Contact: letstalkaboutsexonxfm@gmail.com

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