Maltese Man To Experience Life As A Superstar DJ At The World's Biggest Dance Music Festival

Every year, loads of Maltese people make their way to Tomorrowland, one of the biggest dance music festivals in the world, to watch their favourite DJs in action on huge decorated stages. One lucky islander, however, was just given an all-expenses trip to the festival along with a VIP Access All Areas Pass, which will allow him to not only watch the artists perform, but also meet them and chill out backstage! And it's all thanks to a weird and awesome competition organized by XFM and Subway .

The radio station and food joint teamed up with Tenishia, Malta's most successful DJ (who will also be performing at this year's Tomorrowland) to bring this competition to life, and the Maltese DJ was graceful enough to give this Access All Areas Pass to the lucky winner. The competition, of course, revolved around XFM's DJs, Tomorrowland's classic bangers and Subway's delicious subs.

Aspiring finalists had to:

· Buy an XFM Combo Meal from Subway and pick a "secret phrase"

· Put the ticket they were given with their meal in a box

· Tune in to XFM and wait for their ticket number to be picked

· Call in within ten minutes and give their secret phrase

· Guessing the seven songs in a music-mash on a Friday semi-final

Completing all those amazing steps lead people to the Grand Final, which was a blind-Sub-tasting. Yes, trying to guess the delicious ingredients of Subway ingredients with an Access All Areas Pass as the prize. Amazing.

Blind Test

The blind-tasting session was, as expected, hilarious. Anyone who tuned in to XFM on that day was treated to a very different type of program, with Oz and Jay hilariously guiding the finalists along each ingredient-stuffed (12 each!) sub. The winner of the competition (and that glorious VIP pass) was Jonathan Cassar Gaspar, who definitely had his work cut out for him, between the intense pressure and the three other finalists' own attempts.


Whenever a contestant ended up blindly coming across an ingredient they didn't particularly like, the result was absolutely hilarious. And of course, XFM's Dynamic Duo couldn't let the finalists have all the fun, and they ended up taking the blind taste challenge themselves!

Oz & Jay Blind Test

Here's congratulating Jonathan, who will be heading to Belgium later this July on what will surely be an unforgettable VIP trip with Tenishia.

The Maltese superstar DJ himself had previously told listeners about how, during one of his first experiences with Tomorrowland's Access All Areas Pass, he had found himself in a backstage urinal between David Guetta and Steve Aoki , so Jonathan will definitely be coming back home with a couple of great stories to tell all his friends!

Tenisha / Tomorrow land competition



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