The Big Breakfast with Oz & Jay

WITH OZ & JAY, WEEKDAYS FROM 06:30 - 10:30

XFM 100.2 home of great music and hilarious content. Entertainment at its best in the mornings on The Paradise Bay Resort Big Breakfast with legendary Oz & Jay!

There have been some spectacular double acts that have left an indelible mark on popular culture, Laurel & Hardy, Cheech & Chong, Fry & Laurie, Minnie & Griz... but there’s one double act that has shaped history... and they’re back to rock your world!

Let’s admit it, we live in a world filled with way too much pressure and if this dynamic morning duo can release some of that tension it would give these two BIG and sometimes naughty boys a great sense of satisfaction. (Not to mention a bargaining chip when it comes to contract time!)

Older, Wiser, Balder & BIGGER - Oz & Jay are back and this time they’re not taking any hostages. With regular character guest such as Father Seamus, Kalanc, The Angry English Motorist, Sister Finnula and Outback Jack, your drive to work and school will never be the same again!

Schedules Show Features:

Oz & Jay's XFILES - 07:15, 08:15
Laughter @45 After - 07:45 & 08:45
Celebrity Spy with Corrine - 09:15
Sports Talk - 09:45
Weather & Traffic checks throughout the show

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